Domestic Heating

Janfire has delivered pellet burners to the domestic homes for more than 35 years, One in five burners sold in Sweden is a Janfire. A pellet unit from Janfire gives you an economic and environmentally sound heating system. The boiler and burner are designed to provide top class efficiency. With a pellet system as a heat source, you get a healthy indoor climate with good ventilation and more comfortable heat.

Janfire NH

Janfire Villavärme NH

Janfire NH is the burner with the least service requirements on the market. The patented technology provides a burner that is fully automatic and self-cleaning. It runs up to six months without service and supervision.

Janfire Integral TYP 25

Janfire Villapanna

Janfire Integral TYP 25 is a combined boiler and water heater. It works perfectly with Janfire pellet burners of both new and previous models. The burner can easily be connected without having to make adjustments to the boiler. The boiler has automatic ash removal and cleaning so the maintenance takes only a few hours per year.

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