Construction Heating

  • Janfire Construction heat is as reliable as ordinary district heating.
  • You have no fixed operating costs but you only pay for the energy consumed.
  • Operation, maintenance and service are taken care of by Janfire.

Janfire Construction heat is a mobile, cost-efficient and climate-smart solution with biofuel for a modern construction site. It is the right choice for a construction site with high environmental requirements and the optimal solution for temporary heat in a container module for easy handling.

We supply mobile district heating with biofuel from Swedish forests. Despite all the advantages, pellets are still an underestimated energy source. But the industry is growing and the supply and distibution of pellets is constantly improving. It will be a contributing factor for heat production without a negative environmental impact in the future.
Construction heat can be used for both dehumidification and drying as well as for heating. Janfire Construction heat supply heat to your construction site throughout the project in an environmentally, supply-safe and cost-efficient manner. Reliability and high efficiency are further advantages. It is mainly used where it is a high demand for energy.
Janfire Construction heat provides cost advantages in comparison with other temporary energy sources, such as electrically powered fans, oil and LPG units. The operating is entirely free of fixed costs and consists only of a price for the energy used. In addition, the heating option is a good choice for construction sites with high environmental requirements. With Janfire Construction heat you can measure the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions.

Air Heater 100kW

Janfire Byggvärme Luft 100 KWh

Janfire 10 foot hot air container units are delivered with an output of 100 kW

Hot Water 400kW

Janfire vattenvärme 400kWh

Janfire 20 foot waterborne container units are delivered with an output of 400 or 600 kW

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