Our heating systems

Janfire VillaVärme

Domestic heating

For almost 35 years, Janfire has delivered pellet burners to the domestic market. One of five burners sold in Sweden is a Janfire!

Janfire fastighetsvärme

Commercial heating

Janfires pellet systems are designed to provide a safe, easy-to-handle heating that contributes to a better environment.

Janfire byggvärme

Construction heating

Janfire construction heat is a mobile, cost-efficient and climate-smart solution for a modern construction site.

Janfire Ångproduktion

Steam production

Janfire System Jet has a superior performance and controllability that is unique. It is incomparable when it comes to steam production.


Janfire System Jet is a completely intergrated system where everything from refueling to ash storage is completely automatic with the least possible manual effort. Janfires combustion control automatically compensates for variations in the amount of fuel and our burners meet the national and European environmental requirements.
Despite all the advantages, pellets are still an underestimated energy source. But the industry is growing and the supply and distibution of pellets is constantly improving. It will be a contributing factor for heat production without a negative environmental impact in the future.

Reliable heat

Using pellets to produce heat is completely different today than it was 10 years ago. With flue gas acceleration and automatic ash discharge, the need for maintenance becomes minimal. The systems can be controlled and monitored remotely. If something should happen an alarm is sent automatically.

Janfires combustion technology and control provide a superior controllability that comes in handy during steam production or other processes. The technology allows the active fuel quantity to be kept at a very low level, which means high availability and quick service stops.


Janfire System Jet is based on an easy-to-use complete solution with high performance and low operating costs in order to achieve the best economy for you as a customers.
Our technique with a rotating drum gives a better control of the combustion with a comparable very low fuel consumption as a result.

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